Arm And Leg Pain


The shoulder and hip joints, being highly utilized in our daily activities, are susceptible to various potential injuries. Frequently, individuals are unaware of the source of their pain, for example, arm and leg pain. It could be an enthusiastic participant in a weekend sports event who strained the joint, an unfortunate individual involved in a car collision, someone who exerted excessive force while lifting weights at work or home, or even a grandparent who unintentionally maintained a single position while holding their grandchild throughout the night. These circumstances often lead to immediate discomfort or pain due to muscle, bone, or nervous system damage and irritation. Our chiropractic facility is equipped to address such issues.

Nonetheless, many people experience gradual development of arm and leg pain without a clear initial cause. The most prevalent culprits behind such pain include vertebral subluxations, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and frozen shoulder.

Arm And Leg Pain Relieve

Additionally, arm and leg pain can be attributed to “referred pain,” where discomfort in one area radiates to another part of the body. A well-known example is arm pain reported during a heart attack. Another, although less common, instance is the pain originating from an inflamed gall bladder that often manifests under the right shoulder blade.

At our clinic, we frequently encounter patients who complain of arm and leg discomfort resulting from nerve irritation in the spine. When the spaces through which nerves exit the spine are narrowed due to misaligned vertebrae or discs, the nerves can become irritated, causing pain along their entire pathway. Sciatica pain patterns serve as a notable illustration of this mechanism. Contact us today for more information!



When dealing with any condition, it is important to address the most common and typical cause of pain and symptoms first. In the case of arm and leg pain, misalignment (subluxations) of the vertebrae in the neck and lower back is often found to be the primary culprit. When the bones or discs are not properly aligned and fail to move correctly, they can cause irritation to the surrounding tissues and nerves.

Many patients are surprised by the extensive reach of their nerves, which extend from the spine all the way to the fingertips and toes. Consequently, injuries to the vertebrae in the spine can manifest as pain sensations anywhere along the arms and legs. At Ocean Health Center, we have observed significant success in treating arm and leg pain through our specialized chiropractic care. If you or a loved one is currently experiencing arm or leg pain, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale location.


Given the intricate nature of the joints and the numerous potential causes, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional who specializes in these areas. Typically, your chosen healthcare provider will employ a combination of physical examination and advanced imaging techniques to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. By assessing factors such as the precise location of the pain, factors that worsen or relieve it, the type of pain sensation experienced, and any accompanying symptoms like swelling, skin changes, or bruising, they can employ various diagnostic tools to pinpoint the root of the issue.