Scoliosis typically initiates as a minor curvature in the spine that progressively intensifies over time. A diagnosis requires a sideways curve of at least 60 degrees in the spine. Regrettably, once the spine reaches this advanced stage, severe health consequences often arise. The positive news is that if the spinal curvature is detected and appropriately addressed in its early stages through chiropractic care, it can be prevented from worsening over time.

Extensive research has explored various theories regarding the cause of scoliosis, yet a definitive consensus on its origin remains elusive. However, studies have indicated a higher likelihood of scoliosis occurrence in young adolescent females compared to males of any age.

Chiropractic Care For Scoliosis



Frequently, a minor misalignment of a single vertebra initiates a small bend in the spine. Over time, the body compensates for this abnormality, leading to the development of “S” and “C” shaped curves. Parents and children often notice scoliosis when they observe noticeable deformities in the shoulders and pelvis. Unlike other spinal conditions, improving posture alone cannot reverse it.

While scoliosis primarily affects the younger population, it’s crucial to understand that the condition can also manifest in older adults. As individuals age, degenerative disorders like osteoporosis can alter the shape of the spinal bones. Consequently, the body creates lateral curves in the spine to maintain a level head position. If the underlying cause of the curvature is left unaddressed, it can lead to severe consequences such as heart and lung issues.

An X-ray examination conducted by a chiropractor is the most effective method for detecting spinal curvature. Additionally, various orthopedic tests such as the Adams Position Test can aid in diagnosis. Chiropractors will also assess the hips and shoulders and check for leg length discrepancies, which can serve as indications of scoliosis development.


Extensive research studies have consistently shown the effectiveness of chiropractic care in slowing down or halting the progression of scoliosis. Chiropractors possess the necessary expertise and resources to provide you with tailored care that may eliminate the need for more invasive or surgical treatments.

During your visit, the chiropractor will carefully review your complete health history to identify any potential factors contributing to the development of scoliosis. This assessment includes evaluating occupational factors, lifestyle habits, past injuries, and recreational activities. Once these factors are taken into account, the chiropractor is likely to perform targeted spinal adjustments to reverse the body’s compensations and aid in the restoration process.

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