Shoulder Pain


Are you currently experiencing shoulder pain? The shoulder joint, being the most flexible joint in the body, is susceptible to various injuries and conditions. It can stem from different problems, with some common causes including issues with the neck and upper back, arthritis, abnormal movement patterns, participation in athletic activities, and involvement in automobile accidents.

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Due to the wide range of potential causes, shoulder pain or unusual motion in the joint may develop gradually or suddenly. Considering that the shoulder joint is involved in almost every daily activity, any injury to this area should be taken seriously and receive appropriate treatment. Even minor injuries can worsen over time, so it is crucial to address them early on to prevent further progression. It’s important to note that certain symptoms of a shoulder injury may be more noticeable than others, so any issues with the shoulder should be closely monitored.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain


Recognizing symptoms that warrant immediate shoulder evaluation:

As with most conditions, the most effective treatment approach relies on identifying the root cause. Therefore, obtaining an accurate diagnosis is a vital step in the evaluation process. Chiropractors are extensively trained and equipped to employ various diagnostic methods for determining the underlying cause of shoulder pain.

By considering your medical history, utilizing advanced imaging techniques, and employing orthopedic procedures, a chiropractor can promptly identify the precise source of your pain. With this diagnosis in hand, you can then work together to create an individualized treatment plan.


The neck and upper back house the muscles and structures responsible for the functioning of the shoulder joint. When there are issues with the nerves and structures due to spinal misalignment, a range of problems can arise. Research has demonstrated that many cases of shoulder pain are, in fact, a result of referred pain originating from the neck area.

If the it persists even after correcting spinal misalignment, it is crucial to promptly inform your chiropractor. Additional manual and passive therapies are often employed alongside primary chiropractic care to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Regardless of whether the pain originates from the spine or is caused by shoulder joint damage, we encourage you to contact our team at Ocean Health Center for a comprehensive examination.