Chiropractors frequently encounter sciatica as one of the most prevalent conditions each year. Countless individuals in the United States endure the agony of sciatica, and only a small fraction find lasting relief. Continue reading to discover how chiropractic care can offer assistance.

Patients often describe the pain associated with sciatica as ranging from mild discomfort to excruciating levels of agony. Sciatic pain may manifest in various areas of the leg and foot, and it often comes and goes intermittently. Over time, individuals tend to experience periods of pain that typically worsen when the underlying problem remains untreated.

Chiropractor Care For Sciatica



Typically, sciatic issues stem from the pelvic and lumbar spine regions. These parts of the spine are highly intricate, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact problem. Some patients recount instances where they experienced intense pain from simply bending over to pick up a piece of paper. They are perplexed by how such a simple task could cause such excruciating pain. What they fail to realize is that their condition likely developed over the course of several years, and bending to pick up that piece of paper happened to be the tipping point. With the exception of severe spinal problems, back issues do not manifest overnight; rather, they accumulate gradually over an extended period.

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The duration of treatment for sciatica can vary greatly among individuals, depending on the severity of the condition. Some patients experience rapid improvement, while others may require more time to recover. The specific length of treatment depends on the condition of the affected discs or joints that the chiropractor needs to address. Generally, the longer the issue persists, the longer it may take to achieve correction. However, the encouraging news is that resolving the problem typically takes less time than it took to develop.

In the United States, the number of individuals resorting to back surgery is astonishing, and the low success rate is disheartening. Studies estimate that back surgery is only around 15% effective within a five-year timeframe. By consulting with a chiropractor, you can pinpoint the source of the issue and address it, ideally without the need for invasive surgery. From there, the chiropractor will work with you to improve the alignment of the spine and discs.

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