Disc Injury


Has it been indicated that you have a disc that has slipped or been injured? Disc injury can range from minor to severe, but most cases necessitate attention from a skilled chiropractor. Understanding your condition and its implications is crucial, and seeking guidance from a licensed chiropractor will assist you in determining the most suitable treatment option.

The intervertebral discs, also known as the small pads situated between your vertebrae, play a significant role. Each disc comprises a resilient outer ring and a soft, gel-like center, akin to a jelly doughnut. These discs facilitate the connection, separation, and protection of your vertebrae against potential trauma. Acting as cushions or shock absorbers, they prevent direct bone-to-bone contact during movement. In essence, without these discs, our ability to move the upper torso would be severely compromised.

Chiropractic Care For Disc Injury

Disc Injury


When diagnosed with a protruding disc, signifies that the gel within the disc has been displaced or bulged as a result of an injury, causing asymmetry in different areas. This can lead to compression and irritation of the nerve roots, resulting in varying degrees of pain.

In the case of a herniated disc, the disc material ruptures to the extent that the gel protrudes outward. This can cause intense pain and numbness due to nerve irritation, and it can be particularly severe in many instances.

A disc extrusion represents the most severe form of disc injury. Essentially, the gel contained within the disc expands into the space outside the vertebrae or breaks away from the disc entirely. This can cause excruciating back pain and severely limit your range of motion.

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If you have experienced disc injuries, there is no need to lose hope as there are various options to consider. Proper care and attention can potentially restore an injured or damaged disc back to a healthy state. By incorporating a nutritious diet, engaging in low-impact exercises, and utilizing warm and cold compresses, it is possible to alleviate or even eliminate the associated pain.

Regrettably, in certain instances of disc injury, surgery may be the sole treatment option available. During a surgical procedure known as discectomy, the affected tissue is removed to relieve pressure on nearby tissues and nerves. Discectomies are quite common, with almost half a million procedures performed each year, and they are typically minimally invasive.

If you are currently experiencing back pain that you suspect may be attributed to a disc injury, we urge you to contact our chiropractic team at Ocean Health Center for a consultation. Taking charge of your health at the earliest opportunity will provide you with a wider array of treatment possibilities.